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Kendra James in Deep Mpvbleck (1 of 2)

(Added 9/1/2017)

“Top fetish model in the best sinking situation!”

In a very stirring sinking and stuck presentation, Kendra James makes her mpv debut in a deep pit of soft and gripping mpvbleck! Kendra is a very experienced and beautiful fetish model/actress and she really knows how to focus on new experiences. In this first of two long and entertaining segments, she makes it clear that this is a new sensation for her. The look on her face as she sinks for the first time is priceless. And every moment thereafter is very entertaining. She is fascinated by the mpvbleck and we were fascinated by her!

In part 2, Kendra continues to wear out in the deep mpvbleck as she sinks repeatedly and relishes the sensation of the goop as it alternatively lets her body slip deep into it and grips her hard as she tries to get out. There are also some delightful messy moments as she picks up chunks of the stuff and lets it ooze down her taught body. Kendra also treats us to some nice looks at her body as she offers variations on how to get stuck, even in the shallow bits. A beautiful lady, in a tremendously entertaining situation. It’s a tough combination to pass up. Check it out!

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