Annabelle in the Mud Bath (1 of 2)(Added 12/16/2016)“Annabelle…

Annabelle in the Mud Bath (1 of 2)

(Added 12/16/2016)

Annabelle in Clay = Creamy Goodness!”

It was another stormy day, so it was time to see if we could improve on our indoor mud set–and have Annabelle give it a spin! The clay was nice and warm. And Annabelle made it even more so, as she started smearing it all over her bikini-clad body. It didn’t take her long to discover the joy of smacking her bare round butt into the creamy goodness! She then squatted and smushed her face in–several times. All the while, she talks to the cameras about what she’s doing. This was a great tonic for all involved, and will be for you too!

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